View Full Version : WANTED: G6

15th of March 2005 (Tue), 05:46
Have not been out long so probably a bit of a long shot but is anyone wanting to sell one?

18th of March 2005 (Fri), 08:05
bump. Anyone?

19th of March 2005 (Sat), 09:25
Flex- here is one for sale over on Fred Miranda for what seems like a GREAT price....


This probably won't last long at that price.......FYI

19th of March 2005 (Sat), 12:28
Already gone. FM has an active Buy/Sell Community so check there and here. If all else fails, consider picking up one new here for about $500 shipped:


Or consider waiting for Dell Home to put them on sale. This morning a coupon expired that would have given you a G6 for $599 - automatic 15% off - $55 off $575 code K61MBP9TQD5MFF [Exp 3/19, 5:59am CST, 2000 uses] = $454 with free shipping.

I've seen this deal go down to $434 the previous week, so keep checking Dell Home! This is better than buying used.

20th of March 2005 (Sun), 03:01
Thanks guys, that sure does sound good.. unfortunately I can't get those discounts though as I'm not in the states.

I'll be in Hong Kong next month which might be my best bet if nothing comes up beforehand.

Thanks again.