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1st of January 2009 (Thu), 20:59
Hey all,
I received a 580EX II for Christmas (yay!). Today I was outdoors shooting a parade and I noticed an area of discoloration on the LCD along the bottom towards the left side. The area is irregular in shape and appears either lighter or darker than the rest of the display depending on the viewing angle. At first I was worried that I had damaged the display, but I later realized that the spot is practically invisible under normal indoor lighting. However, once outside, it is plainly visible, and I assume this is why I haven't noticed it until today.

I contacted Amazon about exchanging it for a new one, but unfortunately they're now out of stock for 1-3 months. So, before I go through the hassle of returning the item to Amazon for a full refund and getting a new one elsewhere, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone else had similar issues with their displays.

I tried to take a picture of the spot, but since it's dark outside and I can't see the thing inside, I've thus far failed to do so.

Thanks. :cool:

1st of January 2009 (Thu), 21:10
ok, really dumb question but were you wearing polarised glasses when your saw it?

1st of January 2009 (Thu), 21:15
Hah. Nope, unless my contact lenses are polarized!

1st of January 2009 (Thu), 21:35
Is this a temperature thing? How cold was it outside today for you?

1st of January 2009 (Thu), 21:40
It was quite cold today. Around freezing. I did think about that, however the spot was still there after the flash had been sitting indoors for about a half hour (I took it outside real quick to check). I'll check again tomorrow after it's had a full night to sit in the warmth.

1st of January 2009 (Thu), 21:44
Sancho - I was going to ask the same thing!! I freaked out one afternoon cause I thought I broke the LCD on the flash only to realize my sunglasses were playing a trick on me!

2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 10:58
Yep both my flashes have the same thing. Freaked me out first time too with sunglasses.

2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 14:16
Same here.
I thought I damaged the lcd or the batteries leaked or something.
I can only see it when wearing sunglasses that are polarized though.

2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 16:20
I've seen the effects that polarized glasses have on LCD displays before -- I don't think this mark was the same thing (and I wasn't wearing glasses when I saw it). Anyway, I shipped it back to Amazon today for a refund. I wanted to just request a replacement but at the time that I setup the return they out of stock for 1 to 3 months (!!). Anyway, I have a new one coming from B&H this time. I'll post back with how I make out.

2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 16:57
I happened to see the burn out mark once without glasses also. Some kind of wierd type lighting reflected off the display.

Good Luck

F4 Cyborg
2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 21:21
crystal refraction

Blackey Cole
2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 22:07
Was the sun hitting the LCD directly. I have had several LCD go dark or discolor from direct sunlight and it took a while before it corrected itself. But it did correct itself. What happened was the sun or heat warmed the LCD up so that wasn't functioning correctly. Also, as it wasn't out there in direct sun light all day it will repair itself. I did have one LCD item that was out oin the sun or in the truck during a day or two in the New Mexico summer that never did work again. That is when I began to watch for this.

3rd of January 2009 (Sat), 02:53
yes I have the same slight discoloration if I look at an angle. It still works fine so I ignored it.

3rd of January 2009 (Sat), 03:00
Mine has the exact same discoloration...

Probably from the backlighting in some way. Isn't a big deal IMO.

3rd of January 2009 (Sat), 18:16
I get that discoloration on my 40D (the top LCD) in the cold. I'd forgotten about it until this afternoon when I was outside shooting my kids sledding. At first I started grabbing for my sunglasses until I realized they were not on.

4th of January 2009 (Sun), 06:58
I have seen this on the 580EX MKII. I wouldn't worry about it.

4th of January 2009 (Sun), 07:15
It's not at all uncommon for old passive-type LCDs to get somewhat funky colors/shades, especially if they're cold. It's not a manufacturing error or malfunction of any sort, as long as all the LCD elements still work.

It's especially obvious if you're viewing it through polarized glasses, or in polarized light (try turning off the lights and viewing it in front of a LCD monitor set to display something bright).

4th of January 2009 (Sun), 10:08
I see it too sometimes, sometimes not, I don't really care though :)

4th of January 2009 (Sun), 13:56
Well, unfortunately I hastily convinced myself of its defectiveness and shipped it back to Amazon on Friday before most of your responses. If the new one (arriving from B&H on Tuesday) has similar issues, I suppose I'll feel a bit guilty for sending the first one back marked as "defective". Perhaps Amazon will punish me by rejecting my return, and I'll be stuck with two of them! :cry:


4th of January 2009 (Sun), 17:35
That's good, with two flashes you can practice your wireless multi-flash technique!

The reason you see this issue with polarized glasses is that the display is polarized as well. Hence, you'll also see it outdoors, typically when the sun is low on the horizon. As it often is, this time of the year, on the northern hemisphere.

Nothing wrong with the display. This is just how they are. Many (me too) can see the same thing on the top display on the 40D, for example.

8th of January 2009 (Thu), 23:25
ok, really dumb question but were you wearing polarised glasses when your saw it?

Haha.........I noticed that before when looking at my camera's LCD. Kinda freaked me out at first until I realized what was going on. LOL.:lol:

9th of January 2009 (Fri), 23:27
Well, the new flash doesn't seem nearly as bad in the sunlight as the old one did. It's still got some spots but that's to be expected. Amazon processed my return of the first one today so everything's peachy now! :cool:

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 05:08
Same thing here. 580EXII should work perfectly, so I ignore the problem.

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 14:49
I also see slight discoloration on the display but that doesn't bother me. I thought it's just quality control issue ;)

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 16:43
Well, after a few days I noticed that the new flash has the same irregular spot as the old one (which I guess makes it non-irregular!). Like everyone said, it doesn't affect usage. Obviously I'll keep this one.