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2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 17:05
Shamelessly stolen from the wonderful City of Shadows (http://www.alexeytitarenko.com/port_cityshadows.html); it was neither dark nor busy enough to get so profound an effect, but these are combined long exposures of the crowd arriving at St. James' Park in Newcastle and are almost the effect I was going for. Light is the most irritating thing; never enough of it when you need it, and always too much of it when you don't.





I only found the right blend mode in Photoshop for the last shot. I may revisit the first three at some point :) They're a combination of, on average, five four-second exposures (don't have enough NDs to give me a 20 second exposure in the day), all overlaid then b&w'd with Alien Skin Exposure.

2nd of January 2009 (Fri), 22:32
this is verrry intresting work... great stuff

3rd of January 2009 (Sat), 14:09
Thank you :) I just wish I could find somewhere as timeless, and as foreign, and as busy, as the place in the link I posted, the original shots which inspired these efforts.