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John Smith
25th of July 2001 (Wed), 06:24

I would appreciate your advices to improve this image. It is done starting with a3D model edited in Photoshop afterward.

Here is the image:


25th of August 2001 (Sat), 11:38
John - beautiful. I'm a 3d artist myself, awesome model. Was the fabric modeled?

How to improve it?
first - the legs are way to long - for the hips and waist. I'd scale them down, the only other thing that bothers me is the hand over the eyes? possibly they don't pass as lifelike on themodel so you're covering them on purpose?

Only other suggestion - is the black void background. A light of some sort placed back there would certainly help. Awesome soft flowing lines for a 3d model.

John Smith
29th of August 2001 (Wed), 09:42
Thank you indeed for your comments. I will certainly enlighten the background this is a great idea.
For the legs, I don’t know: may be here I got carried away. I like long legs on my pictures. It is my trademark you might say. It might be an acquired taste, so you may want to have a look at my web site, and use one of the images as wallpaper. Here is the address:

There are many reasons why I put the hand over the face. The main thing is, as you spotted, that it is the hell of a time to have a realistic face (if not impossible) and I work only on expressions.

The “clothing” is done 2D, and by the way if you could build clothes for me (3dstudiomax 2.5) I would thank you for thousand years.