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7th of January 2009 (Wed), 19:46
Hello there, I'm new around here and I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm new to photography and new to my first SLR I have a Canon 30D and I'm wondering if I'm shooting a baby portrait in a room that is lit mostly by natural light from windows, what should I set my ISO and aperture and shutter speed at? I know it has to be adjusted according to the light but maybe you could give me a good general starting setting. Every time I try to do a portrait I always get blurr. Any advice??

~Jen~ :confused:

7th of January 2009 (Wed), 21:33
What lens you plan to use?

7th of January 2009 (Wed), 21:36
Put the camera in M mode.
Set the aperture to the fastest (widest, lowest number) setting on your lens.
Set the ISO to 800.
Now put the shutter at 1/125 and see where the camera meter tells you to go -- faster or slower?

If it says you can have more shutter speed, you can lower the ISO to 400 and then see where you're at. Keep the shutter at 1/125 or faster.

17th of January 2009 (Sat), 08:50
It might also help to put the camera in Program mode and see what reading it thinks it would like to shoot it at. Then, go into manual, mimic the settings and tweak them to your liking.

19th of January 2009 (Mon), 07:59
Av mode, ISO800, f/2 (what lens do you have?), if the shutter speed is too slow, bump up the ISO. Make sure you are focusing on the SUBJECT (ie don't use "All 9 focus points"). Do you have any examples of bad photos? Blur can be one of a few things, so if we see where you're having problems, we can easily point you in the right direction.