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8th of January 2009 (Thu), 14:44
Hi Everyone,

I am new here, and posted a few months back when I joined, but have since decided to keep my mouth shut, and just read and look at what you all have. I will say, some very talented peeps here. At least in my opinion. :)

My wife suggested that I start my own 365 project, to practice and understand photography a little more everyday. Has anyone else done something similar? (1 picture a day, for the year)

Any ideas on how to get started? What do I take pictures of? Should I post on a blog site, or this one for feedback and CC?

Thanks for reading. Look forward to your responses.


nemo man
9th of January 2009 (Fri), 10:24

I have just started a 365 project - New Years resolution. It is not easy. I have never taken a shot every day, and doing so is proving challenging. Taking the shots is OK, but it's getting a good or different one, and then having to decide which one to use.

I put a border on mine with the title text and the date so it's easy to refer to them. I set mine up on Photobucket in a separate album, and manually arrange them so they are in correct order. Here is my slideshow of the first eight.


It certainly makes you think about your photography, and forces you to think of good ideas. Give it a try.


9th of January 2009 (Fri), 11:13
Any ideas on how to get started? Just do it. Make the decision, make the commitment, and get going. (I started this on January 1, and am hoping to keep it up all year.)
What do I take pictures of? Anything you can think of. Some can be things that you plan or just spur of the moment (I went out last Saturday to Liberty State Park in NJ and spent the afternoon; I also took the camera into work one day and grabbed a shot of the controls on the copier!)
Should I post on a blog site, or this one for feedback and CC? Yes! IOW, put 'em anywhere you think you can get feedback or just to keep yourself going. (I've uploaded some here, have my own blog (http://jgr2.jgrussell.com/blog/), and put them on Smugmug (http://jgrussell.smugmug.com/gallery/7052578_ZqVmG#451795237_HUnGn).)

11th of January 2009 (Sun), 00:15
I think it's a great idea! I'm doing it this year, as well. My plans are cliche-filled. I'm using it to expand my photography horizons. I'm trying to think outside my usual box. IOW, it's my chance to experiment and try stuff I've not really tried before.

I got a PowerShot SX110 IS for Christmas -- much easier (and safer) to take everywhere than my 40D and assorted lenses, so that's exactly what I've been doing. Taking my camera everywhere and shooting everything. My only rules for myself are: (1)the picture can't be a landscape; (2)the picture can't be soccer-related (I did cheat on this and shoot a practice, but they weren't playing at the time); and (3) the picture must somehow represent something I did during the day or my day in general.

I've been blogging my project at Lynn's Project 365 (http://lynns365.blogspot.com) and posting them on my Flickr account (http://flickr.com/photos/lynndaniels/).

I say GO FOR IT. And while it will teach you about composition, lighting, and processing, I think the most important thing is to have fun with it.

11th of January 2009 (Sun), 00:33
I started my own as well on my flickr and wordpress


There's also a flickr group called project365