View Full Version : Can anyone I.D this telescope?

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 16:39
This telescope is posted for sale in my area. About an 1-2 hour drive from me, so driving out to accurately id this is not too convenient.

The gentleman selling this is as his children have moved out and he is not very knowledgible about what it is or how to find out details.I am able to discern that it looks like a Newtonian Reflector. The seller indicates it is Skywatcher 8" and says Meade on it somewhere.

Is anyone able to id this if it were a Meade or SkyWatcher? I can't seem to find anything like this in either mfg's catalogue. Possibly a past model?

Thanks in advance.

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 18:45
It looks like a Schmidt-Newtonian. A Meade SN-8 on an older mount, maybe an LXD 55?
They generally have a shorter focal length and faster f/ratio.

I'm looking thought google images but I can't seem to find a blue one.

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 19:43
I tried to brighten the shot and see if there's a corrector plate on the front but I can't tell. I'm guessing the mount might be a predecessor of the LXD55(I have one but it's different then this one). The tripod does look very much like my Meade LXD55 tripod. The counterweights look like Meade as well. The telescope itself doesn't look like any Meade I know of, unless it's a very old unit. It looks like a short tube newtonian.

Do you know if this is a package and came from the manufacturer as seen here? Or, was this two product lines paired by the owner?

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 23:12
I don't know, I can't get anymore info from the seller because I believe he really just doesn't know.

I can't even find anything to even suggest a focal length.

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 10:47
See if the seller will shoot some close ups of product ID plates, etc. Model numbers will help too along with more well lit angle shots. Hopefully to make a sale he/she will supply more info.