View Full Version : Daytona 200

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 21:05
I will be headed to bike week in Daytona in March. The 200 will be run at night, first time. I am bringing the 70-200/2.8, and a wide lense. (not sure which right now) Does anybody have experience with Daytona night racing? Should I bring the 100-400 or will it just be another item to carried around in the bag? I will be on track.

DC Fan
15th of January 2009 (Thu), 07:29
Use the fast lens, setthe ISO high, head to the infield and hope you can find a gap in a fence.

18th of January 2009 (Sun), 20:24
My apology for the long delay in reponse, my honey-do list added a few emergency items that needed attention. I will certainly take the 70-200, and I will be on track. I just wondered if anyone has been to Daytona for any night races. (24 hour, Pepsi 400....) This will be my first trip for night racing there and wanted to know how bright the lights may be. I was not lucky enough to be availible for the tire test last month under the lights. Hoped someone from here was.