View Full Version : Snow Storm in Boston - first post in this forum

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 01:34
I like the way the woman on the left gives the photo some scale. And she's communicating how miserable it was pretty darn well. :)

C&C very welcome. I don't love the vignetting, but I also don't hate it, which is why it remains....

Shot with a 5D, 24-105 f/4 L IS.

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 01:36
Welcome, it does look a miserable day for sure :)

I would like it more if the woman wasn't so close to the edge of the frame. Is that vignetting placed in PP?

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 09:13
Boston and blizzards...beautiful but terribly frustrating to get around. Nice work.

Denny G
14th of January 2009 (Wed), 09:48
Were you shooting with any kind of filter?

25-105 wide open on a ff. I didn't expect the vignetting.

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 11:01
25-105 wide open on a ff. I didn't expect the vignetting.

No filter. I'm as disconcerted as you.

14th of January 2009 (Wed), 12:03
nice shot...that church is around the corner from my work...did you take any shots in the commons / public gardens? they look really pretty now with the bright sunlight and snow on the ground / trees

Oh and welcome to the forum