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19th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:24
Some pictures of today's bike action at Croft race circuit. I will refrain from posting a picture of a fellow member chimping, plus another bike accident, and concentrate on the racing...... unless you ask nicely of course.

Here we go...

Let's save tyre wear on the front:

Taken with my 1D (MK-I) and 100-400L (who says it isn't sharp):

Get those knees down:

Catch me if you can:

Looking good ma:

Hope you like them. Back there again tomorrow for more fun.

Skip Souza
19th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:29
Ken, I so look forward to your posts. I love the way you get inside their helmets. You are one of the fortunate ones who loves his vocation.
Please, pretty please, the chimp & the wreck.

19th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:32
Nice shots Ken :)

Not bothered about the stacked bike, but lets have the chimper, that is always good sport. ;)


19th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:46
I'll ask his permission. The problem is, he may catch me at it tomorrow. I had better wear my dark glasses and turned up collar.:)

Here is another racing shot, just to keep the suspense going:

Ballen Photo
19th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:47
SWEET! I really like the first one here.
And the LAST one you must have posted as I was writing. :D

19th of March 2005 (Sat), 18:07
Excellent Kenny. love the last one.

20th of March 2005 (Sun), 00:28
Awesome! The third one is great. They just look FAST!

20th of March 2005 (Sun), 01:47
Awesome shots, #3 in particular.

That said, let's have a look at the chimpster 8-)

Alan B
20th of March 2005 (Sun), 05:34
Awesome shots kenny.

I allways like viewing your post's :cool:

Simon Harrison
20th of March 2005 (Sun), 05:42
Some pictures of today's bike action at Croft race circuit. I will refrain from posting a picture of a fellow member chimping...... unless you ask nicely of course.

Oh no - caught once again!! I can also swing from the trees quite well. Can't make it back to Croft today unfortunately, so you'll be safe Kenny....for now!

Anyway, here's a couple from me.






20th of March 2005 (Sun), 11:59
excellent shots guys ! Makes a change to the bikes i was watching today.

Incomplete Pete
20th of March 2005 (Sun), 19:53
Lovely shots! Can't wait to get to Donington again!

26th of November 2006 (Sun), 10:54
Love the "catch me if you can" shot

Dean Humphrey
27th of November 2006 (Mon), 19:30
great shots, I have the same camera lens combo and love the baseball, softball shots it produces. thanks for sharing.