View Full Version : HDR of the moon?

25th of January 2009 (Sun), 10:16
Wonder if that will be possible?
Or will it just be a waste of bytes and time?

26th of January 2009 (Mon), 09:05
Be interested to know what HDR means! :)

26th of January 2009 (Mon), 09:13
Be interested to know what HDR means! :)

High Dynamic Range :D

Bytes are basically free and so is time (usually). If you want to know if it will work, try it. I don't think it would do much, but give it a shot and see what happens.

29th of January 2009 (Thu), 19:38
Haven't tried it with just the moon. It would be interesting to shoot an exposure correct for the moon and one correct for the stars... I would think that the aura or glow from the moon would wash out quite a bit on the longer exposure for the stars.

29th of January 2009 (Thu), 20:38
What renderwerks says is very interesting, the Dynamic range from a full moon to the stars might probably break a world record. I think you'd do better with just an exposure for the stars, one for the moon and a composite.

About the moon itself my guess is that the dynamic range of the moon fits without any problems in the camera sensor, the difference in contrast is probably not enough for an HDR shot.

I can try an HDR from a single exposure and see what happens, why not?