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25th of January 2009 (Sun), 15:57
I'm fairly new to photography as a serious hobby. Part of my learning process, apart from taking as many pictures as possible and reading a LOT about technique, has been to examine other people's work as much as possible.

I'd be interested to know whose work people here find especially inspiring / interesting and why. There's a huge amount of inspirational imagery everywhere of course, but who really drops your jaw to the floor consistently?

I myself am currently in awe of Joe McNally's work. Probably a very obvious/easy/accessible choice but as a newbie I'm only slowly working my way into the "archives" so to speak.

25th of January 2009 (Sun), 21:48
Well if you're into portraits heres a couple that would be a good start.

Arnold Newman
Marc Hauser
Irving Penn

31st of January 2009 (Sat), 11:13
Here's a list of inspiring photographers, mostly weddings and portraits