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28th of January 2009 (Wed), 00:48
Im thinking about upgrading to a dslr from my sony point and shoot. I dont know much about camera's (the flower is for taking close pictures, night time pictures with no flash look grainy, and slow shutter speeds make things blurry). What kind of camera would you reccomend? My friend has me hooked on a 450D or XSi (two names, same camera i guess). And i see a lot of package deals where they come with lenses and tripods and bags and filters and cleaners and all kinds of crazy gizmos i never knew cameras used. Do i need all this stuff?

He has a 18-55mm lens and a 55-250mm lens, and he says it fits his needs pretty well. Does that sound about right? and what about all the tripods and filters and hoods and such? are those necessary?

8th of March 2009 (Sun), 23:02
i just got in to SLR's myself and buying all together like taht can save you money if its what you need . But for most of my pohhotos

i use my camera - XSI - my 18-200mm lens - my tripod - and my remote shutter

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29th of May 2009 (Fri), 03:20
The XSi is a great camera, a close friend of mine has one and loves it.
You could start out with that camera, the 18-55, and the 55-250 lenses a good memory card, a card reader, and a tripod (or at least a mono pod) and go from there.
Once you find where your interest lies you will be able to tailor your equipment to suit your needs.
I would not go out a buy a bunch of equipment before you really find out what kind of photography you want to do.

You may also look at the 40D, a little more expensive than the XSi but with a few more features which may (or may not) be important to you.

29th of May 2009 (Fri), 03:34
I think the 450D and those two lenses are a great place to start. The tripods, filters, hoods, and remotes can wait in my opinion. Get the camera, play around with it (the best way to learn), and check these boards for tips and you will pick things up quickly. After some time taking pics with an dslr you can better judge which way you want to go (ie off camera flash, tripod...etc.). It's all personal preference and budget.

I got back from a 3 month Europe trip with some average pics using a point and shoot. I decided i wanted better so went dslr. Started off with an xti and I have been hooked since. Good luck.

29th of May 2009 (Fri), 03:47
Alot of times those package deals come with alot of cheap crap that you will never use. If you can find a kit with just the XSi, 18-55 and 50-250 that would be a good way to go for a starter package.