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30th of January 2009 (Fri), 13:38
I have a problem shooting with my 40D on cloudy days. For some reason, the subject appears too dark. I can sometimes do a correction of a +1 EQ to correct it, but with spot metering, shouldn't the subject come out brighter.
Any suggestions,

gh patriot
30th of January 2009 (Fri), 14:01
Im looking forward to some good tips in this thread.

I have my thoughts, but since Im so new to photography, I'll keep my mouth shut on this subject.

I can say that for the past week or so I have been reading all I can on proper exposure and metering because I have tons of questions myself.

30th of January 2009 (Fri), 20:02
the contrast range beween the sky and ground is likely too wide, if you expose for the sky, the ground is dark, expose for the ground , the sky is washed out, and almost impossible to balance the two.

Ideally a ND grad filter, would provide the balance, alternatively, waiting until the ground is lit up with the sun's rays, a cloudy sky and ground would then balance.

1st of February 2009 (Sun), 13:29
Depends on the subject and how close it is to you..

If you are shooting close subjects on a cloudy day, it is similar to a bright background for the camera..

If the subject is close enough, use fill flash to give you the detail and darken the background.

If the subject is a bit further away, pull an exposure on the dark areas (or the ground as was suggested), lock it in, recompose and take the shot.. The background will be bright, possibly washed out so it depends on what you really want... also, get as much of your darker subject in the viewfinder as possible so that your sensors aren't overwhelmed by the background (a Cloudy day has a considerable brightness to it and your sensor gets fooled into thinking it is brighter than it really is)