View Full Version : Question about blank warranty card from 400D purchased through Amazon

2nd of February 2009 (Mon), 09:12
So my 400D stopped working last night. Not entirely sure what the problem is, but I'll be calling Canon soon. I still have the warranty card that came with the camera, but it says that it should be filled out at time of sale. When I contact Canon, is it going to be a problem that it is blank or do I just fill it out with my information and present the Amazon receipt? Sorry if this is obvious, I am just freaked out by the fact that my only camera has gone kaput and don't want to make any mistakes.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Matthew Patrick
2nd of February 2009 (Mon), 09:20
Don't loose the receipt. That's what you need for the warranty. Don't worry about the warranty card leave it blank and don't take any crap from Canon, they like to play games sometimes.

2nd of February 2009 (Mon), 09:59
Thank you for your help :)

2nd of February 2009 (Mon), 10:42
Canon USA only wants to see a receipt for proof of purchase date. They look at the s/n to see if the camera is a gray market import, or one of the legitimately imported ones which they sold to a retailer...the warranty card is meaningless to Canon USA.