View Full Version : 1st try at water shot

5th of February 2009 (Thu), 17:12
My 1st try to running water, I really needed some type of density filter but I do not have one yet. I had to shoot at F36... 1/4th shutter. How is my picture for a noob?


5th of February 2009 (Thu), 18:05
It's a very nice shot and 1/4 sec seems to have worked. Perhaps you could try a lower viewpoint, almost at stream level, which would include more of the upper part of the stream and might make a more dramatic shot?

5th of February 2009 (Thu), 19:57
I quite like it! The water looks very sleek like that :)

5th of February 2009 (Thu), 19:58
I would agree with the above post that the composition would work better with a lower vantage point but not bad at all for your first water shot.

6th of February 2009 (Fri), 02:12
It's a good idea to pack a plastic sheet in your camera bag because then you are much more likely to kneel or lay down when taking the shot, even if the ground is wet or muddy. Just make sure you refold it with the wet side in or it makes an awful mess.