View Full Version : Photo Editing Software That Keeps EXIF Info?

28th of July 2001 (Sat), 08:42
I just recently bought the G1 and went on a great trip to Alaska. Now that I am back, I have found that the software bundle with the G1 is a headache, and has too many bugs.

Through a lot of research, I found BreezeBrowser to help make HTML pages, but unfortunately, when I was using Canon's ZoomBrowser to modify the contrast/brightness/saturation, all of the EXIF information was lost.

This is not a good thing. Does anyone know of any good software that allows me to import the images via reader and modify them in the above manner while still keeping the EXIF info?

Any and all help is much appreciated!

Frank L.
28th of July 2001 (Sat), 12:29
I'll do my editing with Adobe Photoshop and EXIF info can be found in my edited JPG's.



21st of August 2001 (Tue), 01:23
I use Breeze Downloader to download images, Photoshop to edit and AcdSee to preview and categorize images.

Hope this helps