View Full Version : Help with shooting from a crane.

15th of February 2009 (Sun), 14:20
I have been taking a lot of construction site photos recently related to my job.

I have a chance to go up on this crane for an aerial view of one of the job sites.

I'll be on a platform behind the crane cab. The view should be very good but my primary purpose is to shoot straight down at the construction site with at least some photos including the tower of the crane.

My current thinking is to use my 40D on a monopod extending out from the platform using the 10-22 or 17-55 and a wireless remote. My time on the crane will be short as I'll be taking time from the construction work so I'd like to get it right quickly.

I'll bring both lenses up with me but I am wondering if the 10-22 will be too wide?

I understand the top of the crane sways back and forth a foot or more as the crane turns so am concerned about sharpness with the platform moving.

Will the IS on the 17-55 be helpful when pointed straight down?

Any other thoughts?