View Full Version : Teterboro/Caldwell Airport?

17th of February 2009 (Tue), 22:50
Hi, I am located in Bergen County NJ. Before 9-11, Teterboro used to have a visitor area on the side, where one could hang out, watch the planes, take pictures, or whatever. Now, it seems the only spot available is to park on 46. Are there any places that maybe I do not know of? How about Caldwell Airport? Any worthwhile vantage spots here?

18th of February 2009 (Wed), 16:03
have you been kicked out of Teterboro?
Maybe go down there and ask first?

Caldwell airport isn't that serious so I don't see why they wouldn't let you shoot there.

Also they have airshows at teterboro as well

18th of February 2009 (Wed), 16:09
My suggestion would be to approach either airport management, a flight school or a repair facility and ask if you could please perch in a corner to shoot. Take some samples of your work that show you're serious about the quality of images you take.

The biggest problem with shooting off airport: The police really have no choice and will respond if someone in the area calls them. It may not be wrong in any way fo you to shoot from where you are but if a local resident reports you (out of ignorance) then LE will be "forced" to do their job and roust you. Just smile, comply and try again another day.

Is Caldwell where they have the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant? Hell, talk to their manager and see if you can shoot from their parking lot.