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22nd of February 2009 (Sun), 03:49
The time has come to order business cards...and there are a couple problems with understanding some of the terms involved. I've decided I want glossy 16 pt thickness cards. Besides that I'm not understanding what the difference is between full uv or spot uv. I'm also not understanding the option of Pantone 877C Silver, does one only select that depending on the colors of your design?


22nd of February 2009 (Sun), 04:18
full uv will coat the whole side with a uv varnish

spot uv will do selected areas, usually the name, logo or some kind of pattern

23rd of February 2009 (Mon), 09:21
Pantone colors are set scheme colors. For example, I could ask 5 people to paint me an orange square. Each square might be a different shade of orange. Pantone colors are printer preset with a color code that predetermines that hue. Print shops equipment is calibrated and in theory the color will be exact.

On biz cards, Pantone 877C Silver is the common option for silver text. Therefore if they offer that option, your text would be bright silver instead of black. That way you can get 5 color business cards using full color CMYK + Silver. Its also called "silver spot" or "metallic grey text." Adds $$$ to the price.

Tom Reichner
24th of February 2009 (Tue), 16:00
Do you have a local print shop that will print businesss cards? Why not stop in and talk with them. They'd have examples of their work to show you. Always better to deal in person, if at all possible.

24th of February 2009 (Tue), 17:14
Cool, something I can be of use with in exchange for all the photography knowledge Ive absorbed here. I am a offset pressman.

The answers above are correct.

If you are designing the card yourself you can submit the file with a layer designated as your spot varnish, then only the area on that layer will be varnished and be more "shiny" than the rest of the card.

Similarly you can designate a layer for other colors, other than CMYK, to be "spot" colors. The company you are ordering from apparently offers silver commonly.

Most of the time a full UV varnish and standard CMYK are what you need. If you need help with the design or anything send me a PM.