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24th of February 2009 (Tue), 18:07
Hi, I'm relatively new to photography and recently bought a Canon Rebel Xsi. I stumbled upon a website where the gentleman shoots with a Canon 20D, aperature of 5.6, iso 100 and he says the shots take about 3-4 minutes. How is this possible? The longest my shutter stays open is about a minute. Any tips to lengthen my shutter speed so it blurs the clouds?

24th of February 2009 (Tue), 18:32
He was more than likely using a cable release to keep the shutter open past 30-seconds. You can get one for the XSi as well.

EDIT: I use this one on my XTi, pretty sure its the same for the XSi:


24th of February 2009 (Tue), 18:38
or bulb mode
see: http://www.hypergurl.com/blog/photography/bulb-mode.html

24th of February 2009 (Tue), 19:00
I was thinking it was bulb mode but then he says that he walks around adjusting his strobe flashes while the photo is being taken and is never in the shot since it takes so long. I stumbled across this guys website and was simply blown away.

25th of February 2009 (Wed), 20:03
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26th of February 2009 (Thu), 06:59

27th of February 2009 (Fri), 08:48
Here's a recent thread on a similar subject with tips and some more links...

21st of May 2009 (Thu), 01:08
Ok, this happens to be right up my ally.

Get a remote shutter release.

Bulb mode, tripod, press and lock the release.... unlock it when you're done.

See my site for some of the shots