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25th of February 2009 (Wed), 13:22
An upcoming area band has recruited me to do some photography work for them, based off some concert pictures I've done in the past. They're interested in eye-catching group and individual pictures for the profiles page on their website, as a start.

Any suggestions for a good lighting setup with the gear I have, to get the most out of it? I don't have any wireless trigger or cable/stand for my 430EX (my only light), which I'm thinking could be very useful to change the light source from head on. I've got access to a large room and muslins, to set something up.

I've seen plans online for making a glamor reflector out of a cheap aluminum turkey tray, or something similar, and am wondering if some DIY solutions like this will bump the light quality up as well.

26th of February 2009 (Thu), 03:02
I recommend getting a cactus trigger at the least if you want to just use what you have available right now. Otherwise, you can try to find something to bounce the flash off of and go from there. Just a thought.

Lightworks Imaging
27th of February 2009 (Fri), 22:08
I tried the Poverty Wizard route. The infamous Cactus V2S... If you want a set, in a word, don't. Mine will fire spontaneously on it's whim, not fire when I'm exposing that shot and generally are complete junk! IMO, getting a Hot shoe to PC adapter, (in my case with my 430EX, a necessary item) and a pc cord to attach to my 50D was a necessary fix. Off camera flash is the key to an image like you're trying to get. Just my thoughts. Good luck.

28th of February 2009 (Sat), 03:18
I used the Cactus triggers for about a year (including a few commercial shoots) and they definitely were not perfect but if you're on a budget they'll work... I have Pocket Wizards now and I would not recommend the Cactus triggers unless you really can't afford anything better.

Cybersyncs and skyports are highly recommended on these forums so they're worth looking into. The prices are a lot lower than the PWs.

6th of March 2009 (Fri), 22:34
When realistically doing work, how much of an advantage is there to a wireless setup vs a hotshoe adapter and pc cord?

A hardwired cord just seems 100% reliable and much cheaper, you just have to remember the cable dangling between point A and B. Doesn't seem like the end of the world if you have a fixed shoot setup anyways.

6th of March 2009 (Fri), 22:37
It's all about convenience. Hard wire is definitely the most reliable but moving around isn't as nice as having a wireless setup.

7th of March 2009 (Sat), 13:09
I have the Cactus triggers and don't have any issues with them. There are of course a lot of FAQ's on how to beef up their system (you get what you pay for.. and some will have problems). Those were the most convenient at the time when I needed them. I shot with the XT (as I see you have) which does NOT have a PC port like the xxD bodies.. nor does the 430EX.. so IF you want to shoot wired, you either need to pick up a shorter cord which could limit the length you can move the flash off camera, or figure out another route (ie, lots of adapters and/or a new flash with a PC port).

7th of March 2009 (Sat), 18:20
find a local store and get the off shoe camera cord. even just having it hand held but offcamera will make a ton of difference. and even also getting the omnibounce diffuser will help soften the light some...good luck!

8th of March 2009 (Sun), 20:21
I'll look for a cord. I already have the omnibounce so thats a step in the right direction :)

10th of March 2009 (Tue), 04:33
I'll look for a cord. I already have the omnibounce so thats a step in the right direction :)
nice, but be careful if you use that in the day. i haven't had much success with it unless I was in some good shade.

25th of March 2009 (Wed), 14:14
I ended up picking up the Canon cord and a flash arm. In some practice tests, I didn't feel like the arm was making a large difference?

I'm going this weekend to take some actual shots of a new band, some group shots and some individual portraits, on a closed set.

Are there any easy mods I should do that would help the results? I've seen home homemade metal pans be used for glamour work before. I'm also debating bringing the girlfriend along to hold the flash, then it can be set 2-3' off the camera instead of a few inches.

2nd of April 2009 (Thu), 19:47
. . . I didn't feel like the arm was making a large difference? . . .

I find that I can't really get the off-camera look unless my arm is fully extended with my cord. Changes are the bracket you're using isn't placing the light far enough away for a noticeable effect.