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25th of February 2009 (Wed), 18:46
Does anyone know the rules for Kings games? Im going to the game on Friday, and wondering if I should take some stuff with me or if Ill be able to even take it in. Thanks!

25th of February 2009 (Wed), 19:27
and any advice on settings?
gear in sig.

25th of February 2009 (Wed), 20:18

25th of February 2009 (Wed), 21:00

To be a little more helpful, here is what it says, buried pretty deep within the Web site:

Cameras & Recorders
Professional camera equipment and/or audio/video recorders may not be brought into the Arena without the express written consent of the Sacramento Kings.


Backpacks, large bags, coolers and other large items are not allowed into ARCO Arena.
Briefcases and purses will be allowed, but may be inspected at any time.

This means somebody can make their own judgment as to whether your gear is professional or not, and whether your camera bag is a purse or a briefcase.

My advice is don't bother. Chances are you're not gonna get any worthwhile images anyway. Just enjoy the game.

With these things (and the rules are specifically written to be vague, so don't expect any more than this) you always run the risk of the person at the gate turning you back...and then what do you do - go all the way back to your car to store your camera?

26th of February 2009 (Thu), 07:30
I agree with Dennis, I went to the Chicago Bulls vs Orlando Magic game on Tuesday night and they let me bring in my Mark IIn and 70-200 2:8 and I did not get any shots worth the time, The lighting is good but I kept seeing the house strobes flashing, its funny but until I started using strobes I never noticed these things.

26th of February 2009 (Thu), 13:14
thanks guys i looked on the site but obviously not hard enough. ill leave it at home. id like to enjoy the game anyway, if kings games are even enjoyable anymore. our seats are in the fourth row.