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27th of February 2009 (Fri), 21:13
I am looking to take photos of my friend's cars tomorrow. I know there has been lots and lots of resources provided here, especially by PhotosGuy, but I must say I seem to notice everyone who attempts car photography are using better lenses than I am?!?

I'm currently using kit 18-55 lenses that came with my Canon XS. I'm pretty new in the DSLR field, so I just wanted to know what can I do tomorrow given the equipment that I have currently.

Please help or guide me to the proper thread!!!

27th of February 2009 (Fri), 21:38
Every lens has a sweet spot even the kit lens, the trick is to find out where the spot is.

Use different aperture, shutter, and focal length combinations until you find the best possible settings for the lens.

28th of February 2009 (Sat), 09:53
Kit lens at f/7
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