View Full Version : Cool Opportunity - New Orleans & Galveston

LW Dail
3rd of March 2009 (Tue), 20:48
Hey all -

Am off for a long weekend with my BFF in New Orleans. I haven't been since before Katrina.

From my parent's home in Houston, I was able to visit Galveston when they first re-opened the island in October (after Ike) for daylight visits.

I was also able to go this past weekend to see what has changed. (six months later).

I'm curious to contrast that with New Orleans three years later.

Can't wait to see, capture, and share!

11th of March 2009 (Wed), 07:26
I would definately love to see some of those shots when you get them done.

LW Dail
15th of March 2009 (Sun), 09:29
Well, I'm back. It's crazy down there, every effort is focused on the French Quarter and along the freeways.