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31st of July 2001 (Tue), 17:47
Chicago is a great city to take pictures. I lived in Chicago for over 12 years and took many of them. This time it was even more fun to go around. With lots of space on the IBM microdrive (1Gb) it was pure joy taking interesting shots.

I hope you like it.



1st of August 2001 (Wed), 11:05
Thanks for the new photos of Chicago. I liked them.
They did not seem as nicely color saturated as your original album, though. Maybe it was a high sun? It appears many photos were shot at noon-2PM??
Keep posting as I am sure many others enjoy your work like I do.


2nd of August 2001 (Thu), 16:22
Thanks Dave,

I really never look at the time. I just take pictures as they come. It is just like life. Time is a moment, and I capture it.

I like some of the photos from the first set and some from the second. When I get enough pics I will merge the better ones to one site to make space for others.

Web is not very generous with space (unless a person has a server for himself) Anyway... trip to Mexico is reality soon so there will be some new pics. Hopefully richer in color... hehehe

all the best....