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3rd of April 2005 (Sun), 18:29
This has probably already been done to death but I'm fascinated by the kalidescope effect in Paintshop Pro. Here are some before and after shots of some uninteresting photos I took, transformed in a couple of clicks into beautiful shapes. I guess they don't have much artistic merit simply because "the computer did it"! Any thoughts?

http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/eye-org.jpg http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/eye-new.jpg

http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/05-org.jpg http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/05-new.jpg

http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/spoon3-org.jpg http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/spoon3-new.jpg

http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/soap-org.jpg http://www.mgpages.co.uk/misc/photo-forum/soap-new.jpg

3rd of April 2005 (Sun), 21:15
Some shots turn out really well, others turn out like garbage. It's neat to see what it will turn out like. The city one looks pretty cool.