View Full Version : Sebring T minus 10 days!

11th of March 2009 (Wed), 21:23
Who's planning on going!? I'll be there on the 21st with Audi :D

edit for the awesome R15!!!


11th of March 2009 (Wed), 21:27
Man that thing looks strange. Too bad they won't be at Road America. I'll be watching on TV.

11th of March 2009 (Wed), 23:06
I'll be there with a loaner Mk III to try out. I hope it focuses.

12th of March 2009 (Thu), 07:57
oops just realized I should have put this in the discussion section. Move it if you'd like! Thanks!

But yeah its a little strange but I think it works, they wouldn't have done it for no reason. But I'm super anxious, I get to hang with all the Audi guys an dhte teams and go around the pits too!

12th of March 2009 (Thu), 08:37
I really wish I was going. :( I even had free tickets, but I just can't make it due to flights/other scheduled stuff.

13th of March 2009 (Fri), 22:39
Yeah I'm really stoked. I'm going to have my D300, and miiight talk a friend into letting me borrow his D200 so I dont have to mess around with switching lenses :rolleyes:

16th of March 2009 (Mon), 02:49
We're going over in the middle of the night on Tues/Wed. We have a pretty big and fun camp called Team Tampa down by the hairpin.

Can't wait!

17th of March 2009 (Tue), 14:09
I'll be there. I'm heading over Wed. afternoon/eve. I hope to meet Team Tampa. I saw you guys last year, but didn't stop in...

17th of March 2009 (Tue), 17:26
You lucky devils. Like most UK fans I'll be watching the race on this side of the Atlantic. The R15 looks awesome, seems to be going quite well in testing as well. Have a good race meet chaps.

19th of March 2009 (Thu), 13:04
I'll have to stop by Team Tampa tent!

Here's a big question, I wont be there till Saturday morning. What time should I leave Tampa to get there? I know racing starts at 10 and I'm going to be with the Audi guys, but is traffic going to still be horrible? Like am I looking at needing to leave Tampa at 3am?

21st of March 2009 (Sat), 20:34
I was there today for a couple of hours. I live in Sebring and have for 6 years and this was my first race. I didn't stay long, the exhaust and fumes really got to me and now I am coughing like crazy. I did get some cool shots(at least I think), for a first timer shooting cars. I really didn't know what I was doing, I just played around with things. What do you think??


21st of March 2009 (Sat), 22:59
i wasnt happy with my shots. but the bikini contest pics made up for them lol

22nd of March 2009 (Sun), 08:16
Didn't see that... these were my very first attempt at racing and panning shots. So I was happy with the results even though they may not be the best ever. Hope to get more practice sometime!!

28th of March 2009 (Sat), 21:48
What bikini contest?

29th of March 2009 (Sun), 16:47
^ haha OH YES! I have mine finished, just gotta upload to Flickr and then they'll be up. PLENTY of her ;) and her behind lol wooooo! Funny thing, one of the girls, I saw in one of my lecture classes, I wanted to offer her my card if she wanted some of the pics I got of her but figured it may have been weird.