View Full Version : No Sound Using Adobe After Effects CS4

17th of March 2009 (Tue), 09:08
Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone can tell me why when I plan my movie there is no sound. I haven't edited anything, but when I press play I don't hear anything. Also, does anyone have any beginner tutorials for after effects? Everything I find is a little more advanced than what I'm currently capable of. Oh and I forgot to mention..when I am previewing a movie it stops after a few seconds of play back so I have to press play again and the same thing happens.

Thank you!!

17th of March 2009 (Tue), 16:07
its not really a real-time editing thing, more of just special effects and the visual part of the video, but to prievew the audio, just press period (.) and it will render the audio to play at realtime but not the video, kinda weird, thats why i use sony vegas

17th of March 2009 (Tue), 17:59
Thanks!! I'll try that!!