View Full Version : Best Lenses for portrait/people photography?

27th of March 2009 (Fri), 09:04
Hey there,


Just curious what you think is the ideal lens for portrait/ people photography is for work inside and out of the studio.

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27th of March 2009 (Fri), 16:26
Generally speaking, a slight telephoto is preferred for portraits. Using a full-frame body, a 65mm to 135mm lens would be ideal when considering perspective and comfortable working distance. All of the popular camera/lens manufacturers will have nice portrait lenses in the above range.

27th of March 2009 (Fri), 20:31
what you think is the ideal lens for portrait/ people photography is for work inside and out of the studio.

Selecting a lens for portrait work would depend on the size of your studio and what camera body your shooting. My favorites are the 85mm and 105mm primes...both are excellent choices and generally yield superior results. When shooting outdoors I tend to select longer focal lengths...135mm and 300mm. The key is finding the lens that best fits your style of photography.

28th of March 2009 (Sat), 15:11
50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 or 1.2, 135mm L, 200mm etc.

29th of March 2009 (Sun), 07:05
I love my 70-200F2.8 and also my 85F1.8.


30th of March 2009 (Mon), 22:08
50mm f/1.4 is best for a face shot, but go for the cheaper one f/1.8 since it gives you similar performances.

15th of April 2009 (Wed), 12:03
If money isn't an issue, I'd say most people would go with either a 50L, 85L, or 135L depending on how tight you want the portrait to be.

Helen Bartlett
16th of April 2009 (Thu), 02:41
I use a 50mm 1.2 most of the time, it is a wonderful lens, fast, sharp and light. The 85mm 1.2 is magic but can be too long if you are shooting indoors in people's homes rather than a studio when sometimes there isn't much room. I love it when there is space though or when I am outside.

The 70-200 is also great outdoors but it is heavy so, depending on how strong you are, that might or might not be a good purchase. I have one but only use it occasionally as I find it too heavy to carry around every day (but I am small and not desperately strong).

The crop factor on your camera will be another thing to think about if you are shooting in confined spaces. When I used a 1.6x crop camera I used the 35 1.4 a lot when shooting indoors.

If I was getting one lens though it would be the 50 every time and you can then shop according to your budget and get the best you can afford.

22nd of April 2009 (Wed), 15:14
I use the 70-200mm 4L for most close ups. I do like the 85mm 1.8 and looking to get a 100mm macro for close up makeup shots but out of stock every where.

22nd of April 2009 (Wed), 15:23
85mm and 135mm
Zooms, 24-70mm or 70-200mm