View Full Version : 256MB SimpleTech Compact Flash Card

27th of December 2002 (Fri), 18:32

FYI, Buy.com has the 256mb SimpleTech compact flash card on sale through 15 January. You buy it for $85 and receive a $20 rebate. This is by far the chepest I have seen a 256 mb card.

27th of December 2002 (Fri), 20:10
I've been buying 256MB CF cards at Fry's Electronics, first for $75 and then for $70. Come back in another month, and they may be cheaper still.

I don't like to play the silly rebate games. My privacy is worth more than a few dollars.

---Bob Gross---

27th of December 2002 (Fri), 22:31
What kind of cards does Fry's carry? Do they have 512's? I need another 512...