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11th of April 2005 (Mon), 00:14
Well I read some of the web site that Tom but me onto and . . . this is my first 'Roster' shot. I set my lens to 50mm, I did not bother to put on my nifty fifty, but used what I remembered from the instruction given.

Here: http://www.grumpysworld.com/photoguide/photoguide.htm

It was one of the best Sunday evenings I remember . . . I found birds and buildings and . . . Trains. I know everyone will like this photograph because I have never seen a bad train photograph.

20D/17-85 . . . set at 50, lol. ;)

Skip Souza
11th of April 2005 (Mon), 01:05
Nice subject, nice backround. Good photo all around.

11th of April 2005 (Mon), 22:12
Excellent photo.

11th of April 2005 (Mon), 22:18
Beautiful shot. It really is nitce when the weather cooperates and everything comes together like that.

Grumpy really knows what he's talking about. I always enjoy reading his editorials as he has a very irreverent side to him.

11th of April 2005 (Mon), 23:00
Tom are you using CDS's spell checker? LOL, anyway should I tip the shot to make the tracks level and let the wedge go in the sky? I somehow think the roster shot is wrong . . . Yours or others thoughts on this . . .

11th of April 2005 (Mon), 23:12
Nobody uses CDS's spellchecker....expecially CDS.

Normally, I would rotate the image so that the vertical elements in the engine are straight up and down. That will normally level the horizon a bit, but the ultimate goal is to make sure the engine doesn't look like it's leaning.

11th of April 2005 (Mon), 23:15
Is that a very polite "YES" ? LOL . . . Ok I got it.

11th of April 2005 (Mon), 23:24
Actually, I just downloaded your photo and leveled the horizon. It does look a lot better IMHO, although the vertical components in the engine aren't perfectly so.


Tom W
12th of April 2005 (Tue), 19:31
Its a beauty either way! Nice shot, RJ, and nice straightening, Tom.

13th of April 2005 (Wed), 12:44
Great shot, beautiful colors, beautiful engine, Yup tough to take a bad shot of a train. :) :) however with very little effort I bet I could. :lol: :lol: :lol:

14th of April 2005 (Thu), 18:16
I keep telling you . . . there are no bad train photographs.

14th of April 2005 (Thu), 23:06
Fantastic shot!

14th of April 2005 (Thu), 23:52
A decent camera and a good lighting will do wonders . . . plus I am lucky at times. Thanks . . .