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29th of December 2002 (Sun), 08:42
Is anyone having problems with RAPID battery drain in a D60 while camera is "switched off" and not in use?

I have two D60s and the first one always drains the battery FLAT within two days on a fully charged battery. One email to Canon was answered by someone from Canon saying it was "normal", however a second email to the professional repair people in NJ was un-answered. Before I pursue this more vigorously with Canon again, I'm wondering if mine IS a problem, or if this is normal and I should shut up and take my battery out when not using it!

*I have received tips from others on another forum about switching technique while changing lenses, etc., but nothing seems to work except taking the battery out.

S. Weidemann

29th of December 2002 (Sun), 09:31
Seems like you have a problem requiring canon tech help. I sometimes have a battery in my D60 for days without taking pictures without any appearent problem.

Think I would send it in for a check-up and repair.

29th of December 2002 (Sun), 09:42
That's not right. I've had my camera since October and have shot about 1000 photos and have only charged the batteries twice so far. I've barely used it in a week and the batteries still read full. You've got a problem.

29th of December 2002 (Sun), 10:37
I just got my D60 about 2 weeks ago. I took note that the manual says NOT to leave the batteries in the camera when not in use. I personally think that sucks. I did leave the batteries in the camera for 3 days without using it at all and had no problem with drainage. Although, I'm going to speculate that Canon will tell you exactly what it says in the manual.

29th of December 2002 (Sun), 11:04
I took note that the manual says NOT to leave the batteries in the camera when not in use.
They almost certainly mean for the batteries to be removed if the camera is not to be used for a long time, probably several weeks, or longer. I have left the batteries in my D60 for days - and weeks - without use, and seen no dignificant drainage.

Either the camera, or the battery, are likely faulty. I assume that more than one battery has been tried.

29th of December 2002 (Sun), 11:17
I got my D60 in Nov. I purchased an extra set of batteries because I just knew I'd be needing them. I have the dual battery pack on the bottom of my D60, and I have 2 - 512mb cf cards, and have filled them both up 4 or 5 times. finally on Christmas day when trying to shoot a snapshot my first set of charged batteries gave up.

My set up initially included having the camera turn itself off if not in use for one minute. This may have some baring on the subject.

29th of December 2002 (Sun), 12:05
One thought that comes to mind.....did you initially charge the batteries for the recommended length of time?
I have a cell phone that does the same thing,,,,drains very quickly, because the sales person told me to initially charge the battery for about 3-4 hours and then I could use the phone. I did so and should have read the manual first as it said to charge a minimum eight hours. I have had problems with that battery since the first charge. Just a thought.

30th of December 2002 (Mon), 19:10
This topic rings a bell from an old thread about battery drain on D30's - sorry I can't remember where. But the problem may stem from changing lenses on the body even when the camera is switched off. I seem to remember the users had discovered that if you switched lenses - say to put a short lens onto the body after using a long zoom to make storage easier - the body's battery would drain even though it wasn't switched on. Something about the newer lenses engaging some electronics in the body. I think the solution was to switch the body on and then off again after changing lenses. Sorry to be so vague. But I agree with the other posters - you should be getting far better mileage out of the batteries.

3rd of January 2003 (Fri), 02:38
Got my D60 in May 02, had it do that ONE time... I leave the batteries charge all night when they are down now and can leave them in the camera for weeks with no drain problem. Shoot at various lengths of time, switch lenses, no battery problems after leaving them to charge overnight. The one time it happened I think I charged them for a few hours. Put them in the camera, put the bag in the safe.. took it out next day if I remember correctly and stone dead, both of them. Sounds as if you have a camera problem if you are charging the batteries long enough. Like you say, the other camera doesn't do it.