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29th of December 2002 (Sun), 22:16
I just bought a s30 for Christmas and it works A OK

Question 1
Is there any easy way of batch converting jpeg image from one resolution to another. Let's say I thake a few pictures 1600 X 1200 and would like to send them by email at a resolution of 640 X 480.

Now I open each picture with PhotoShop and save a copy of it with the right resolution. It's a borden task. Is there any software that would exactly do that simple task.

Question 2
It would be also nice if the sofware could rename the picture with someting more remindfull. Let's say IMG_0023.JPG to Christmas2002_0023.JPG. So is there a batch rename converter.


André from Montreal

7th of January 2003 (Tue), 01:12
A good shareware image converter and viewer that I have used for some time is Graphic Workshop Professional by Alchemy Mindworks. It is simple to reduce graphic resolution by first seleting the files you want to scale in the browser window, then selecting the scale percentage, then start the process - the new files can be stored as JPEG or many other file formats - file name is automatically retained with a "S_" in front to indicate the scaled file vs. the original.

As for a file renaming program, I use NameWiz, although there are others.

Both programs can be downloaded from shareware services - try www.cnet.com for starters.

7th of January 2003 (Tue), 01:27
Can't you batch process in PS? You can basially make a new action, store everyhing in there and let in run on a directory.

7th of January 2003 (Tue), 09:57
Thanks a lot for both helping me.

But, I think I have finaly find the right software. By looking on www.download.com I have recently found a freeware name IrfanView wich does exactly what I was looking for, and even a little bit more.

This software can rename, renumber, rechange resolution, change format, etc. and all this, in a batch process.

The software has been downloaded 1.8 millions times. So, I guess it must be quite "finalize" to interest that much persons.

For my purpose, this software is exactly what I was looking for. An, of course it's an excellent viewer...

Thanks again

André from Montréal