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15th of April 2009 (Wed), 07:56
I am so bored. I got a really bad cold that was the perfect gift that kept on giving. It lasted three weeks and I felt run down for weeks after it was gone. More or less, I just didn't feel like going out and about much, due to the nasty late winter weather we always get here, high humidity, high winds and low temperatures. Cuts right through you. So I just put the nose to the grindstone and worked at my online job and messed around in the forums.

Now I want to get out and shoot, but all the birds are now off in the woods nesting. The only birds at the park I generally go to are non-breeding Red Wings and Grackles. I went down there the other day and sat there for an hour and not even a chickadee came for a peanut. Same thing in my yard. I have two little chickadees, a titmouse and a pair of Cardinals out of the dozens of birds that come all winter long.

This is the dead zone of the year. Until the Orioles, Grosbeaks, Finches and Warblers start arriving, there is just nothing to do, and now I am burned out on work and want to get out and shoot. I feel adrift. :lol:

Maybe I'll go to the wetlands and see if the egrets are back, or some of the ducks. :)

What do you guys do?

Mike J.
15th of April 2009 (Wed), 08:38
Basically the same deal here in NC regarding the nesting. I have had tons of birds, primarily siskins & finches & the usual suspects all winter & they have slowed down considerably this past week. You answered the question about the nesting. I figured that was the case for the big drop-off in numbers. Today is relatively nice...part sun in the 60's and I am planning to work on new set ups for the few still here and the ones which will return. I have 2 bluebirds nesting and I have set out 3 really old fence posts with antique barbedwire as perches for good shots.....might even put a mealworm cup on the backside of one post.....anyway, sorry to hear about the cold & slow down up your way...I say, get excited about setting up new props!

15th of April 2009 (Wed), 10:03
Do you have a good place for tree swallows? I have a really good place here, a preserve near my home where there is a boat dock on a small lake with tons of dead snags. I'm off Friday and going over there to practice my BIF skills, if the weather is nice! We have a heron rookery here in town too. So maybe you have some areas like that around you. If not, maybe throw out an email to your Wisconsin birds mailing list to ask for ideas?

15th of April 2009 (Wed), 11:21
What do you guys do?Work for a living, darn it, so if it isn't in the backyard or in the park near the office, it ain't getting its picture taken.

15th of April 2009 (Wed), 12:01
I do have tree swallows here and posted some a few days ago. I was able to get withing 12-15 feet of the nest box they used and there were tree branches at face level just at minimum focus distance from me and the tripod. It was just after the bridge on goose Island, so close.

I just got back from there again and found an egret in a tree right beside the road. He was close, so I stopped right in the road and shot off a hundred frames or so. He was relaxed and there was no traffic, so I was talking to him. Relaxed enough to change out legs he was standing on. In the background, there was another egret, and a third came winging in and they had a little sparring match, which I got some shots of through some small twigs in between. I'll post them soon, just now getting them off the card.

Oh yeah, saw a whole colony of Northern Yellow-shafted Flickers in the North end of the park, but they don't let even a parked car get close. :)

16th of April 2009 (Thu), 13:04
A change of scenery always works for me. From the time I start planning a trip, until I'm back and processed all the images, I am excited and enthusiastic. Once home again, the mundane isn't so hard to take.

16th of April 2009 (Thu), 13:14
I think it was a change of weather. Until the other day, it was in the 40's during the day and below freezing at night. Now it's in the 60's and supposed to hit 70 today. That makes a big difference. Another thing might be the fact that it's all gray, everything is gray, the sky, the ground, the trees. When the leaves fall, it's a two tone world till spring. :)

Tom Reichner
16th of April 2009 (Thu), 19:04
. . . maybe I'll go to the wetlands and see if the egrets are back, or some of the ducks.

What do you guys do?
Sounds like a no-brainer, Mitch! Go get them ducks! There should be a variety of species in your area, many of which will only be there for a couple more weeks. Wisconsin, right? You should now have Hooded Mergansers, Common Mergansers, Lesser Scaup, Ruddy Ducks, Greenwing Teal, and Ringneck Ducks, to name a few. I'd love to know what you see out there on the water.


17th of April 2009 (Fri), 06:13
Tom, ducks are more or less all over the place here. Unfortunately, there are only a few roads and hundreds of ponds, channels, pools, lakes streams and small rivers where they can rest and feed in total isolation. I can drive around a see and few here and there, but they are dots in the distance with no way to get closer unless your a fish. :)

Just take a look at this. (http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&ll=43.729926,-91.222229&spn=0.18284,0.440826&z=12) It'll give you some idea. :lol: