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15th of April 2009 (Wed), 20:52
and looking for some favorite places to shoot, eat, playgrounds, etc.

I posted this over in the landscape section as well but did not know how many of you visit that particular section of the forum.

My wife and I are trying to plan some activities and shooting spots for our two year old daughter. We are going to visit the aquarium (http://www.scaquarium.org/) one day for sure. I also found by doing some googling that there is a pretty cool playground over at Daniels Island (http://www.wakefieldrecreation.com/gallerymore.asp?id=450063&page=&galleryid=5803). The link is the actual playground builder. She was so helpful speaking with her on the phone this morning, pointing me to the park where they had built the ship.

Thank you for the help and suggestions.

19th of April 2009 (Sun), 19:58
There are many great places in Charleston to take pictures. I definately recommend visiting the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island. There are playgrounds on each. IOP playground is on 28th Ave. and the SI is by the Fire Station- can't miss it. The beach is great too! All of the plantations are beautiful. Have fun!

20th of April 2009 (Mon), 14:48
Thank you bobo, I really appreciate the info.
We are staying at the Isle of Palms so we will have that one covered :D

Looking forward to some r&r and a little camera fun.
Thanks again :D

24th of April 2009 (Fri), 02:39
make sure you go downtown to the market(old open-aired alve market). really cool part of town. if you could go visit one of the many old plantations of the area, it would be worth your time also