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23rd of April 2009 (Thu), 17:53
Probably the hardest wedding I've shot to date. It was in a small rec community center and the bride changed in an office. I tried to make the best of it and just shoot a bit different, and think I did okay.

Wish I had the 24-70 already though :]

1. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518863712_WpPCF-M-1.jpg

2. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518864361_wdXcA-M-1.jpg

3. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518869652_eE45P-M-1.jpg

4. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518867031_oY68b-M-1.jpg

5. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518866608_MCyKk-M-1.jpg

6. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518869775_nteMA-M-1.jpg

7. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518871385_vKtdd-M-1.jpg

8. http://psychophotography.smugmug.com/photos/518862961_hyQRt-M-1.jpg

Any C&C? Thanks

23rd of April 2009 (Thu), 18:08
you probably don't specialize in wedding photography, but if you ever do, im not sure if Psycho Photography would be the best name, marketing wise :) just saying :P

#2 - the face in the mirror is really red.

23rd of April 2009 (Thu), 18:38
haha yeah, I shoot Paintball 95% of the time. I get to change it this November if I do pursue weddings. Right now, it's just for fun.

I didn't really notice that one, I'll try and fix it


24th of April 2009 (Fri), 21:46
It is odd that her face appears shifted to the red while the reflection of (what appear to be) her fingers seems fine.