View Full Version : BRSCC @ Mallory with a new 500 f/4.0

26th of April 2009 (Sun), 16:07
Mayhem at Mallory today, the Mazdas and the Ford RX guys were playing Bumper Cars (great stuff)

First outing with new 500mm lens, I am now looking forward to learning how to use it.

The Don Truman Trophy 500s were great. if I wasn't so tall I would be tempted to race one.

OK here are some pics, if you want to see a load more they are HERE (http://www.nhr-photography.com/galleries/BRSCC_mallory/index.html)

I really like this first one. This was taken with the new 500 plus a 1.4 TC, please click on it to see a bigger version, I really like the reflection of the sky and front wheels on the bodywork and the heat haze from the exhaust is really pleasing.

http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/medium/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR5453.jpg (http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/large/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR5453.jpg)

a few more 500s

http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/medium/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR7214.jpg (http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/large/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR7214.jpg)

http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/medium/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR5459.jpg (http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo.php?photo=4215&u=1538365,9)

This is with the 300 f/2.8

http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/medium/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR6940.jpg (http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/large/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR6940.jpg)

And a couple of pans to finish :-)

http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/medium/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR7013.jpg (http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/large/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR7013.jpg)

http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/medium/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR7029.jpg (http://www.ambrosiabbs.com/gallery/photo/large/BRSCC_Mallory_April_2009_NHR7029.jpg)

26th of April 2009 (Sun), 16:09
PS Glenn (Cadwell) the catch fencing has now been completed, so there goes yet another great corner......