View Full Version : Please help me decide

28th of April 2009 (Tue), 22:07
I have done a search on here already but I still want your opinions on specific models. I have narrowed down my camcorder choices to the canon HG20 or the Sony HDR-XR200V. Both are more money than I originally wanted to spend but I am hoping to be able to keep it for at least 5-7 years. I am only going to be using it to record my very active children. What I would like to do is back it up on to my computer or external hard drive and also burn dvd's of the footage. I would perhaps do some very light editing.

Certainly if you have any other suggestions please make them. The world of camcorders have changed significantly since the last one I purchased so I am still fairly confused about it all.

Thanks in advance for the help!