View Full Version : Any common agreements/contracts available online?

4th of May 2009 (Mon), 22:50
Need some guidance if you pro's dont mind.....

Trying to break into the trackday photog business (part time) just curious if I should have an agreement/contract prepared and with me for the club I'll be shooting for?

In a nutshell, Ive been in contact with one particular trackday club over the past few months hoping they'll give me a try. As it turns out they already have someone contracted for the circuit I had inquired about. As it turns out I find out they'll be visiting another circuit closer to my home, I sent them another email and BEHOLD.....their 'other' guy isnt interested in going to the new location and they're giving me a shot.

So my question is, should I shoot the first event or two at this place w/out mentioning anything about a contract?

And how do I go about bringing it up?