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5th of May 2009 (Tue), 15:06
Well my wife has finally agreed to let me shoot others and I actually do have one scheduled for this Thursday. For those of you that question about Model Mayhem, it works. I had a model contact me. I also put up an ad on Craigslist 2 days ago and have had a few email me that were interested as well.

So this all leaves me with the jitters. I didn't have them at first a week or so again when this model contacted me. She was new to it and the pictures in her portfolio were good, but I would not say all that great. She was in contact with me all the time. Then all of a sudden the messages slowed way down and new pictures started popping up on her portfolio. And I mean awesome pictures. Now I'm feeling inadequate...lol She likes the pictures in my portfolio that I have done of my wife and she says she thinks i'll do just fine. I guess all I can do is screw up and be blacklisted...lol

So any advice? I haven't shot any pictures in about 6 months...

5th of May 2009 (Tue), 21:11
It's difficult NOT to compare yourself to others. Just take a deep breath and remember that they too started someplace. If I remember correctly, you've shot your wife a lot and have done a fine job. Just remember that it is a job and don't be afraid to direct.

Do your best and make sure you get what you plan to shoot for both of you. It will be fine and you'll have a blast. The next ones will be easier!


15th of May 2009 (Fri), 16:33
Yoh Pal ... I've looked at your pictures of your wife ... and ... want to emphasize that there is someone "behind" you in photographic ability. I wish I could take pictures like those of your wife.

So ... can you tell me what equipment you used and what lighting you used. I would greatly appreciate it.

With comment on this weekend's shoots - just go for it and just be yourself - don't try to be a super pro - you are doing fine now - and only will time and experience will help us all improve.

Remember ... I'd like some tips from you.

15th of May 2009 (Fri), 18:33
Thanks pizelli...which pics are you referring to of my wife...I can tell you that all of the pics on my port of my wife were taken with my Rebel xTi and a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens. As far as lighting goes....it varies and you might be surprised...

15th of May 2009 (Fri), 20:32
Brian ... surprise me with your lighting techniques. Was it a on-camera flash, diffuse, umbrella, ? ? ? ?

I haven't singled out a specific picture of your wife, so just give me some general ideas of your lighting. I AM interested in lighting techniques.

Dan ....

28th of May 2009 (Thu), 16:50
got another shoot scheduled for tomorrow with a differen't girl...not sure how it will turn out...should be interesting to say the least... have about 15 others wanting to shoot when I get some time in a few weeks...

1st of June 2009 (Mon), 15:44
Woodsters, MM can be great, just be prepared for the inevitable flakes. The Wife and I had great luck at first, then ran into a string of last-minute cancellations or (even worse) outright no-shows. It can be insanely frustrating. We figure in for a 50 percent flake rate when scheduling shoots now. Unless you're paying the models, there's not much way around it.

I enjoy your work. Keep it up!