View Full Version : Very small spider *3 photo's* (more macro's)

Alan B
21st of April 2005 (Thu), 10:26
Here's some more shots from today :D :cool:



How to make a small spider look scary :D

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 10:27
Yeeep... A lens which immediately goes to the wish list! Incredible!

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 10:32
#3 is cool!!!

only thing is i wish there were a bit more DOF, I know it can be rough though, shooting macro makes the DOF tiny even at high fstops

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 12:48
Yeap, #3 is really cool.

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 13:35
WOOOOOOW! Great shots! I can even see a mosquito leg stuck in his hairy mouth. :)

Reigh Higgins
21st of April 2005 (Thu), 13:49
Number three is great!

Devoid of Orbit
21st of April 2005 (Thu), 14:51
Yikes lol...I I'm not a huge spider fan myself but I certainly like the photos...

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 15:01
Such a small thing can look very menacing with a crisp shot like the second one. Great stuff.

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 15:39
Scary, I wonder what he was thinking on the last shot. Nice pics.

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 18:11
Excellent! Were these taken at your home?

Alan B
21st of April 2005 (Thu), 18:17
Excellent! Were these taken at your home?

Yeah,there were about 7 of these small guys basking in the sun on a group of stones(as you see in the second shot).

ALL my new macro shots i posted today were from the garden.

Just goes to show,theres no need to travel miles to get some cool shots ;) :D

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 18:45
Amazing! Really excellent results!

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 20:56
Cool pics. I love those little spiders.

Dante King
22nd of April 2005 (Fri), 00:39
Really nice Alan!

22nd of April 2005 (Fri), 01:06
#3 is amazing!!!

2nd of August 2005 (Tue), 12:44
Nice wolf spider shots.

Ballen Photo
2nd of August 2005 (Tue), 12:50
These shots are very nice Alan. I like em, especially the third one. :D