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10th of May 2009 (Sun), 22:17
Next month I will be taking a trip to Hong Kong for about a week, then stopping by japan for another week before coming home. I've been there a few times before when I was young, but I have never been as a photographer since I just recently adopted photography. Does anyone know any good locations in Hong Kong to go to for pictures and to have fun?

Also, I already purchased a Manfrotto lightweight tripod and a Sigma 10-20mm for some nice wide angle city shots. Any tips?


12th of May 2009 (Tue), 04:00
Roof of the peak tower at dusk and evening for the classic high level cityscape view, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront for the ground level view of HK Island, better still the top level of the car park for Ocean Terminal - go at about 8pm and there is a light show where all the buildings on HK Island are lit up in a show, for street scapes go to any of the street markets (Wanchai, Cross Street, Sham Shui Po, Mongkok), for architecture go to Central and Admiralty, for Temples check out Hollywood Road or Tin Hau temple (next to Causeway Bay), and after all that make sure you catch some of the natural beauty of Hong Kong with a trip to Lantau (big Buddha on the cable car from Tung Chung) or the New Territories (beautiful beaches and countryside). If you need more suggestions, let me know.

Have fun!


Stealthy Ninja
12th of May 2009 (Tue), 04:22
HKdave, you should be here:

I can't add much to Dave's suggestions here. Just pick up a tourist information thing (at the airport) and you should be set. :)

25th of May 2009 (Mon), 20:27
Dont forget avenue of the stars at TST, setup your tripod and shoot 30mins after sunset. You should check out this thread incase you want more gear:
Ive tried setting up a tripod outside at the plaza of Times Square (Causeway Bay), do a slow shutter and BAM!! Classic shot of extreme asian population density.

26th of May 2009 (Tue), 15:17
Don't forget Stanley. The temple with thousands of buddhas is also very nice. If you have the time i can also recommend a trip to macau or go on a hike in Hong Kong.

You can also go to the elevators in the mid-levels and if you want to eat good dim sum, i can recommend you the restaurant flower trump where they have delicious dim sum and the best sesame balls.

Where you can also shoot nice photos is in kowloon at the different markets (bird market, jade market, ladies market, flower market etc.)

At Sham Shui Po, when I'm not wrong, there are alot of electronic shops...where you can get cheap gadgets.

At Kowloon you can also get cool shots from typical chinese apartements.

Enjoy your trip

26th of May 2009 (Tue), 20:43
I guess he'll need more than a week :D