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22nd of April 2005 (Fri), 13:24
Here are some pictures taken at the Jebel Ali motocross track in Dubai



Taken with 20D & EF100-400L, first attempt at sports shots with the 100-400.
Please tell me what you think.

Skip Souza
22nd of April 2005 (Fri), 14:10
Looks like you're off to a good start.

23rd of April 2005 (Sat), 12:11
Yea, pretty good. I like the second shot. Don't like the angle on the first shot, but it's good non the less. Very clear. Good shooting with the 100-400L. It's such a great lens. Haven't seen anyone shoot motor sports with it though. Most us the 70-200L IS cause it has faster AF I guess. Personally, I'd just use the 100-400L for everything sports and wild life. The push and pull zoom is very useful! Much faster than the twist zoom. Well, anyway, great start, love the shots and keep up the good work!

23rd of April 2005 (Sat), 12:35
RbrtPtikLeoSeny thanks for the comments, It was toss up between getting the 70-200 or the 100-400. I went for the 100-400 and am not disappointed. I decided that as 95% of the days here are bright sunshine I would not need the 2.8 of the 70-200.... hope Iíve made the right decision.

24th of April 2005 (Sun), 16:23
do they still race in the summer? Ill be in Abu Dhabi in another month I think...

25th of April 2005 (Mon), 09:45
Not sure if they race in the summer... Sorry

16th of October 2005 (Sun), 23:01
Good job Welshman, I'm just getting the hang of this stuff too - visit my post and tell me what you think ;) http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=849456&posted=1#post849456

Did you photoshop these? To my eyes the color seems a bit oversaturated..?

17th of October 2005 (Mon), 01:47
whoa , that track is dusty !! made for an interesting shot though .

18th of April 2006 (Tue), 13:49
flyingwelshman, (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/member.php?u=24493)

I have a large archive of photos taken at motocross events in the UAE located at "http://www.desertdirtbike.com". You are welcome to contact me there and contribute images if you want.


25th of April 2006 (Tue), 03:50
The season ends before the real heat of summer starts ( +- End April).

Big WIll
25th of April 2006 (Tue), 06:16
i find the second shot my faviourite however would want a bit more light into the central rider, but this cannot really be changed. good shots, what was the temp?

25th of April 2006 (Tue), 19:50
I, too, really like that second shot!

25th of April 2006 (Tue), 20:01
I like em both. I can't wait to get some descent motoX shots. Last time I did this when I went to ride, it was a pain. This time, I think I'll go just to take some shots and leave the bike home.
BTW- funny avatar

26th of April 2006 (Wed), 18:05
Crypto, you should go take some pics at the Budds Creek National, I went there once when I lived in N. VA. Great action and you can get real close!

26th of April 2006 (Wed), 18:10
Crypto, you should go take some pics at the Budds Creek National, I went there once when I lived in N. VA. Great action and you can get real close!
I usually go every year. This year I have much better camera equipment and I wont be able to make it. :( I may try for one of the National races in PA. They are about the same distance away. Not sure I can lug the 100-400 around in the heat for two days.