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4th of June 2009 (Thu), 17:12
(I'll try to keep this Photography related, by specifically commenting on the image search).

Has anyone tried the newly launched "Bing.com" service Microsoft launched yesterday? I played with it for about an hour this morning, and I think the image searching feature is atrocious. No tags on anything (or the size) unless you roll over something. No suggestions if you misspell anything.

So far I am rather underwhelmed...

Anyone else give it a try?


5th of June 2009 (Fri), 00:32
google FTW, I hate microsoft products.

5th of June 2009 (Fri), 12:55
Seems ok. Still prefer Google.

5th of June 2009 (Fri), 13:12
Terrible compared to Google. It's just Live Search rebranded.