View Full Version : Air Show with a 70-300 IS?

4th of June 2009 (Thu), 18:39
Anyone ever do this? I'll be renting a lens for the Quad City air show this month and am trying to decide of the 100-400 is worth nearly double the price.

DC Fan
4th of June 2009 (Thu), 22:50
In the history of photography, no one has ever considered using a 70-300 IS lens at an air show, for fear that the Lens Police will arrest them.

Well, maybe someone tried. Once.


But that was the single, only time that lens was used at an air show before the Lens Police cracked down.

Well, maybe a second time.


But that was never allowed again, because the Lens Police started their checkpoints at every air show.

Oh, maybe the lens was sneaked into a few air shows.



4th of June 2009 (Thu), 23:01
ive owned both...and the 70-300 was a good lens, but i found myself wanting more zoom (although with the 400, i want more zoom so go figure)

they have the same aperture i believe (4.5-5.6) and the 100-400 gave me sharper images but handholding at 400 is tougher than at 300, but of course the 70-300 was lighter and easier to maneuver...get the 70-300 if you think you can get a tad closer to the events...

plus, shooting a bigger plane such as the b-24 or c-17, or multiple planes at once, never requires 400mm anyway from where i usually am...

Hope this helps!

7th of June 2009 (Sun), 12:49
The 100-400 will focus faster than the 70-300 ,probably the main reason the 1-4 is a better choice and better optics make it the better choice for shooting an airshow . You said its for the QC airshow lighting is very tough at this venue good till about noon then its all back lit from there shooting directly into the sun great show with great aircraft but the lighting is far less than desirable.

10th of June 2009 (Wed), 22:57
Yep it's the one in Davenport. I shot it a few years ago and it got really cloudy..made photographing much, much easier. Thanks for the advice. :_)

11th of June 2009 (Thu), 21:10
In 2003, I bought my first digital SLR (10D) and the 70-300 IS just for the local NG Air Show. The following year I sold the 70-300 IS and bought the 100-400 L IS and glad I did!

National Guard Air Show w/The Blue Angels here in two weeks and my 100-400 will be with me the entire 3 days.