View Full Version : Printing with Win 2000 Professional

10th of August 2001 (Fri), 21:29
I have a problem.

I love Windows 2000 Pro but when I print with it, the quality is terrible. I have a Epson Photo 700 printer, I have installed the latest drivers for both Win 2000 and Win Me and I have the exact same settings (as best as I can tell) and use the same files, but the Win 2000 output is always darker and more saturated.

I have tried to manipulate the photos to make them print correctly but it is too hard to do and I never get the proper results. I really shouldn't have to anyway! Consequently I have to boot into Win Me (thankfully Win 2000 allows dual OS's) to do my printing.

Does anyone know why this happens or what I may do to fix my problem? I wrote Epson and they told me how to change my settings but that makes no difference.

Could it be the printer driver? It must be because that is the only thing that is different. If I thought that the Win Me driver would work I would try installing that in place of the Win 2000 driver. I am afraid to do anything that may offend the gods on Mount Microsoft though.

The good thing is that I still know how to get good output even if it is a pain to do.

11th of August 2001 (Sat), 09:17
I don't think it is a problem with your driver. You probably have claibrated your monitor to some color space. The printer may not use that color space and thus you will either have to calibrate to the printer or the printer to the monitor. Photoshop allows you to choose some printers and assigns the proper color space.