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13th of June 2009 (Sat), 21:41
I have had my zenfolio portfolio for almost a year now and I am starting to have too many categories of different photos. I need your peoples help telling me what to put where and what new categories do I need.

I dont like my "Personal Photos" folder because it is far too vague, and my Prom photos should go in the Events folder but I want that to be more personal events.

I have so much different kinds of pictures I am not sure what to do with them all. I dont want a billion categories but I think there may be no other choice. Its not a huge problem but I would still like to know what you think and opinions about anything are welcome! Thanx!


14th of June 2009 (Sun), 11:25
Just wait till you get 3500 photos on there, then you'll really be pulling your hair out!
take a look at how I've set mine up....

14th of June 2009 (Sun), 12:37
Good point I dont have much compared to most. I was trying to avoid the numerous folders on the front page but there is no other way suppose. I moved some stuff around and I think thats as good as I am gonna get it. Thank you for the response.

15th of June 2009 (Mon), 18:38
I like your Zenfolio account. I don't think there are any real issues there. As far as your "personal photos" go, we all need that "etc." folder for the oddball stuff. I think it's pretty well put together. I just opened my zenfolio and i dig it!

15th of June 2009 (Mon), 18:45
well I touched it up a bit. A lil messier before, but you are right, everyone needs that "etc." folder. I guess this thread is kinda useless now unless anyone has any suggestions to improve what I fixed.