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13th of January 2003 (Mon), 01:33
I have some questions before I commit myself to photography as a hobby. The level I'm talking is S45, I have about $600 to spend on a camera and extra battery, I have a 128 CF card. I am new to digital photography, but computers and electronics are never a problem to learn. I can be considered a gadget junky and I love to tweek and play with features.

1. Can I take an S45 mountain biking? regularly? It would be in a backpack, in some sort of cushioned hard case. I don't ride anything too crazy, but it does get a little bumpy. Of course dirt, mud, rain, etc... will not touch the camera.

2. How often do you need services from a camera shop? Is it worth it to spend the extra $100 at my local camera shop and assume there is a possibility that I may need some service later on? Or if I do need service, is it simply a matter of troubleshooting on my own and/or sending it to Canon (both I am confident I could perform). Anybody stay loyal to a local shop and have it pay off in the long run like a "free 1 year service" with camera purchase?

3. If I do buy from my local shop, they offer a no fault warranty (they are a national chain). If it breaks, it gets fixed, or replaced, NO QUESTIONS ASKED (accidental steamrolling included). This is not an extended mfg's warranty, I am clear on that. I trust this shop, they seem straight up, anwsered ALL my questions and were very patient even though I was not there to buy from them, yet. The warranty is $52 a year. I am usually not interested in extra warranty, but the size and complexity of this camera makes me wonder how durable it is? I don't plan on abusing it, only using it. Any mountain bikers out there break cameras often? What about accidental drops? Am I being paranoid and I will eventually find out that this camera is tough enough to stand a little rough terrain when tucked away in a hard case and properly taken care of.

4. Is there a nice padded perfectly sized (only the camera) hard case for this camera? Something more than a pouch, with no extra pockets or compartments.

Thanks in advance for any experience you can share.

13th of January 2003 (Mon), 06:25
For a case, people have recommended LowePro cases:
See thread here:
But those are only soft cases.

As for the "extended warranty," I'd say get it if you think that you'll need it. Although, $52 per year seems a bit steep. BestBuy's 4 year service plan runs about $70US, but they wouldn't cover it if you dropped it. Since the markup on digital cameras isn't what is is on home theatre equipment, most retailers rely on the extended warranties to make up for it (I used to work for BestBuy when I was in college so I know how much things REALLY cost).

If you really do need a hard case you might want to start thinking creatively. You'll probably have to end up using something that wasn't intended for a camera, but serves the purpose well.

Let us know what you find.

14th of January 2003 (Tue), 16:39
Well, I took the S45 plunge. I bought it from the camera shop, with no extended warranty. If anybody is trying to decide between the S45 (S30, S40) and the S230, I highly recommend the S45. I've read the manual and I can already tell I will get more creative with this camera than I would with an S230. Don't be afraid of the amount of adjustments, this camera is a piece of cake to figure out and use, and the numerous auto modes allow playing with only 1 or 2 misc. manual functions, while the camera does the rest on auto. Of course there is full manual and full auto as well. If size is the issue, than S230 would be great, but it is a compromise for an enthusiastic hobbyist. Getting pictures on my computer was an snap, and the camera seems sturdy enough to make it through a normal life.

For a temporary case, I bought the Caselogic CPS40 soft case, nobody seems to make a tight fitting camera only hardcase. The CPS40 seems like it will do the job for now, the camera fits fairly snug.

The camera comes with Photoshop LE. How much different is LE from Elements?

22nd of March 2005 (Tue), 18:38
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