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17th of June 2009 (Wed), 16:33
I will be heading out to Cape Canaveral tomorrow, to try to shoot the Atlas rocket launch from the beach. Launch time is 5:12 p.m.

I am certainly the amateur photography. I will be facing north, and am planning (for now) on having my camera on Program (P) mode with an ISO of 100. Not quite sure about metering, since the sky and the rocket will be very bright. Right now, the camera is set to evaluative metering. Should I think about spot or center-weighted metering, or just leave it on evaluative? Also, should I set auto focus to one-shot, AI focus, or AI servo...or should I just manually focus.

Will have camera on continuous shooting and am looking to freeze the shot. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks! :lol:

17th of June 2009 (Wed), 17:19
Did I misunderstand the news? I thought they said it was canceled again, possibly for up to a month. Same problem as the last cancelation, I think?

EDIT: just went and looked it up ...

Space Shuttle Launch rescheduled for July (http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-06-17-voa27.cfm)

17th of June 2009 (Wed), 19:02
An Atlas rocket is launching tomorrow afternoon at 5:12. Not a big rocket. I'm just gonna head out to the beach to practice.

You're correct - the shuttle launches July 11.